Carlos Betancourt's Imperfect Utopia

October 18, 2017

Imperfect Utopia highlights over 250 works by Miami-based artist Carlos Betancourt. Each turn of the page reveals a new visual feast, blending the worlds of art, nature and color. And every time you look through Betancourt’s pieces, you see something new — equal parts mesmerizing and inspiring. Here, some of our favorite images from the book.

Let Them Feel Pink, 2012. Paint, epoxy resin, collected objects. Private commission.


Of Things Owned III, 2011. Pigmented inkjet print on paper. 48 x 80 in.


Re-Collections VI, 2008-09 (detail). Pigmented inkjet print on canvas.


Carlos Betancourt: Imperfect Utopia

Top: Re-Collections X, rojos, 2010 (detail). Color photograph.