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Global Gypsy: Maris Collective's Leann Sauter

October 18, 2017

We’re going global! Over the next several months, Figue is opening shops within travel destinations in collaboration with Maris Collective. The group partners with luxury hotels and resorts around the world to build out interesting, curated fashion boutiques, and we are thrilled to be part of this global tribe.

We sat down with Maris Collective founder LeeAnn Sauter as we celebrate our first Figue shop opening together, at the Four Seasons Ko Olina in Oahu. LeeAnn is a denizen of global living, seeing the world as an endless maze to explore and discover. Here, she discusses the art of luxury travel and explains why Figue is one of her favorite brands in Maris Collective.


Figue: Tell us about your inspiration for Maris Collective. How did it all begin?

LeeAnn Sauter: I truly love retail and had a vision of where it was going. During the two years I took off to have my twins, I put together all the ideas that I developed during my career. I realized there was a huge miss in retail that was a global problem: No one was focused on the client anymore. I wanted to create something that was centered on the customer’s experience.

Inspiration [also] came from all the loves of my life: traveling to immerse myself in the different cultures, learning from those around me, experiencing everything to the fullest, living a life of #noordinarymoments and shopping like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve blended all of these loves to create something unlike anything else and to change the game of retail.


F: Describe Maris Collective in three words.

LAS: That is impossible. Those are my three words. (laughs)


F: How do you choose the locations in which to open shops?

LAS: It’s a science — all about analysis. We have very specific standards and it comes down to making sure that we follow our luxury clients around the world. At the end of the day, they’re really the ones telling us where to go.


F: How do you choose the brands for your collective? For example, what are the criteria for and/or commonalities between the brands?

LAS: Our goal is always to figure out what the customer wants so that by the time they arrive to the property, it’s as if the store was curated for each person specifically.

There are certain brands, like Figue, that we believe in as an institution. In my eyes, everyone should own at least one piece by these brands because they are special and unique pieces of art. They check all the boxes for  luxury consumers who travel around the world.


F: What initially drew you to Figue?

LAS: Figue pieces are emotional and timeless. For me, it represented the person I always wanted to be. I immediately fell in love with the layers and prints on prints. Figue became an inspiration that showed me how to aesthetically become the person I always dreamed of being.


F: What are your favorite travel destinations and why?

LAS: Bora Bora because it’s my daughter’s favorite and I love seeing her in her happy place. It’s a win-win.St. Tropez because I could really see myself being old and happy walking the streets and laughing with my love and all my friends — and shop, shop and shop some more!


F: Any travel tips for Hawaii, the first Figue shop location with Maris Collective?

LAS: Get to know the people on the Big Island — spend time talking to all the Aunties and Kahus. It will change and challenge you forever.


F: What’s your perfect day in Hawaii?

LAS: On the Big Island, my family loves to start the day at the Hualalai breakfast buffet, then head to Kua Bay to swim, snorkel and hang at the beach. Our favorite lunch spot is this local poke place about a 20-minute drive up the coast. After lunch, we head back to the hotel and relax by the serenity pool. My husband and I love spending sunsets at Beach Tree and playing at least one game of horseshoes before dinner on the beach. Our family tradition is the “Surf, Sand and Stars.” It’s a community-style dinner where you end up hanging out with everyone you’ve gotten to know — a really special time to share together.


Photography courtesy of Maris Collective. Instagram: @mariscollective